About Celia Carron


I originally trained and worked as a professional dancer.  Later I retrained and worked as a professional actor.  I have also worked as a presenter, university lecturer, assessor and verifier in the training of exercise teaching and education. I am a qualified and experienced Pilates instructor and hold other exercise instructor qualifications.   Between 2009 and 2016 I was Pilates director at one of London’s top Pilates studios – Little Venice Pilates.  I have taught both physical and vocal exercise for many years, and have combined this with my work as a management consultant coaching business executives and facilitating team workshops.

My Pilates Instructor Journey

As a professional dancer in the 1980s Pilates was part of my professional training.  Sessions were targeted to help dancers manage muscle imbalances to prevent injury but also to help the dancer achieve high skill and performance levels.  This work was the foundation of my Pilates journey and led me to also train as a Pilates instructor.

Pilates Instructor Methodology and Approach

Combining the tradition of classical ballet and Pilates exercises with the innovation of other exercise methodology such as Redcord allows me to use a cohesive approach to gain the best results for every client.  Ultimately, I like to draw on a wide repertoire of exercise built up from years of training as a professional dancer and experience as a coach, teacher, facilitator, assessor and verifier of exercise training.  I remain committed to ongoing professional development and regularly attend Pilates Instructor,  Redcord Instructor and other educational courses and workshops to keep up to date.

Pilates Sessions and Pilates Classes

In dealing with the necessary skills for high performance in both business and the arts I have developed a depth of knowledge and repertoire of both physical and vocal exercise.  I continue to provide private coaching in both areas, private Pilates sessions, duo Pilates sessions, private vocal coaching and a limited number of small Pilates Classes. Pilates sessions and Pilates classes and vocal coaching are delivered in English.