How Will Pilates Physical Therapy Help You?

At Basel Pilates we tailor sessions to provide optimal training to maximise your investment, time and effort.   Balanced sessions will involve exercises for flexibility, agility, balance, strength, and concentration to focus on your needs and goals.   Exercises are therapeutic and suitable for the post rehabilitation exercise and Pilates physical therapy exercises will maintain and improve physical condition and fitness levels.

Mind and Body

We use a structured approach to exercise, health and well- being.  Sessions are results focused and take place in a calm and positive environment.

Pilates therapy can help:

  • High performance physical activity
  • Prevention of Back Pain
  • Improved Posture
  • Alleviation of minor physical discomforts
  • Rehabilitation following injury or illness*
  • Preparation for and recovery from surgery*
  • Preparation for and recovery from giving birth**

*Physiotherapy referral for rehabilitation and pre/post- surgery exercise.
** Suitable for uncomplicated pregnancies.   Post- natal exercise resumes at six weeks post- partum.