Session Types

Sessions are progressive and aim to meet the individual’s goals and needs.  Post Rehabilitation exercise, exercise maintenance and development, optimal exercise performance and pre and post-natal exercise is offered through a framework of Pilates sessions and Pilates classes– Reframe, Build Your Frame, Move Your Frame, Express Yourself and Pre- Post Natal.

Private Pilates Sessions

Sessions are offered as One to One, or Two to One (Duo).

Group Mat Pilates Classes

Group mat sessions are offered by waiting list application.

Our Pilates Sessions:


Private Sessions devoted to goal specific rehabilitation and recover from injury, or illness.


  • Effective if recovering from injury
  • Continuity of care – Liaison with physiotherapist, osteopath or other health care provider
  • Structured progression with time flexible sessions
  • Modified exercises designed for individual needs

Build Your Frame

Private and Group Sessions focussed on the precision technique of fundamental exercises.

Think of these exercises as a musician practicing scales. Regular, precise practise provides the correct foundation for enhanced performance and development.


  • Establishes excellent technique to enhance training optimization.
  • Builds strength, and flexibility gradually to prevent injury risk.
  • Develops muscle memory.
  • Recovers and regains skill level following exercise relapse.

Move Your Frame

Private, Semi-Private and Group Sessions focused on exercise progression, co-ordination, timing and fluidity.


  • Development of internal rhythm to create exercise efficiency.
  • Progression of exercise repertoire to increase movement knowledge and execution
  • Integration of breath and movement
  • Increased number of precision executed movements within one session
  • Increased strength and flexibility leading to improved posture.

Express Yourself

Private, Semi-Private and Group Sessions focussed on fine tuning technical execution of movement with fluidity and ease to enhance performance.


  • Optimal number of precision executed movements within one session.
  • Increased range and diversity of movement.
  • Efficiency and speed of movement delivering improved health benefits.
  • Preparation for high level physical performance.
  • Fluid, efficient movement permitting full execution of a wide range of movements.

Pre and Post-Natal

Private, Semi-Private and Group Sessions to gently prepare the body for birth and to assist the natural healing of the body and return to physical activity following birth.


  • Counters changes of balance
  • Maintains good posture
  • Strengthens pelvic floor muscles
  • Prevents back pain
  •  Alleviates minor physical discomforts
  • Strengthen leg and arm muscles for carrying weight, equipment and baby
  • Maintains positive social contact in an appropriate setting
  • Manages appropriate weight gain (avoids excessive weight gain)
  • Develops rhythmical lateral breathing
  • Creates relaxation and rest