Pilates Classes in Allschill

Welcome to Basel Pilates

Welcome to Basel Pilates. You will be met with a warm, friendly welcome in a relaxed, positive and purposeful exercise session environment. Exercise sessions are held in a comprehensively equipped Pilates studio in Basel close to Allschwill, and group Pilates mat classes are held at different venues in Basel including Bachletten, Gotthelf and Wettstein.

Why Pilates?

How can Pilates help you?

Basel Pilates near Allschwill offers a foundation of Pilates exercise with extended exercise repertoire to gain successful and solid results. A combination of Pilates exercises, Redcord, ballet and supplementary exercise repertoire helps you reach your goals, prevent injury, rehabilitate from injury, and work in high performance environments.

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Exercise and Therapy

Session Types for all needs

At Basel Pilates we offer structured and progressive exercise sessions to meet both therapeutic and training requirements.

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A Warm Welcome to our Pilates Studio near Allschwill

At our fully equipped Pilates Studio in Basel the focus is on obtaining optimal results founded on a solid repertoire of exercises proven to be effective and tailored to be appropriate.  Efficient movement integration is achieved through careful observation and targeted exercises.  Both private, semi-private sessions and group Pilates classes are progressive and aim to meet the individual’s goals and needs.  Post Rehabilitation exercise, exercise maintenance and development, optimal exercise performance and pre and post-natal exercise is offered through a framework of  Pilates sessions and Pilates classes led by experienced Pilates instructors– Reframe, Build Your Frame, Move Your Frame, Express Yourself, Pre- and Post- Natal.

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